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Castle Grey Sandstone Paving

Natural stone patio including new drainage

This project was completed for a repeat customer, the existing area was damp and overgrown due to lack of sun light. The small clay trap gully was also blocked causing more water issues in that area. The client asked for us to pave the entire area with castle grey, natural sandstone. Upon excavation we realized the trap gully had collapsed along with the pipe underground and a grey pipe which wasn’t connected to anything had caused a large cavity below the concrete, this pipe and gully were also fed by the property drainage. We informed the client and replaced the pipes and gully with the new poly plastic, ensuring not only the new paving could drain efficiently but also the property roof.

The client asked half way through if we could lay matching slabs on top of the existing steps which wasn’t a problem and was completed along with the rest of the work.

  • Castle grey paving laid in a random pattern
  • Drainage repaired
  • Pointed traditionally using sand and cement.

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