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Bespoke Black Granite Paving Project

This project involved turning an old garden space into a clean bespoke black granite paving area.

At the start of the project the client allowed us to create a completely new Green and Ground design, we discussed and agreed how they would most use the garden, which materials they were looking for, along with the visual impact of the finished product they were after. I then drew up three rough designs on paper and presented them to the clients, who were kind enough to pick one and let us create a completely bespoke garden project like no other. We returned showing samples and sizes before the project begun as agreed.

At the start, this garden was made up of many different levels with many different paving and building materials which had been gathered over the years and begun to weather and deteriorate, the sleeper wall at the rear of the garden was leaning forward as it was struggling to retain the higher ground behind it, the large raised concrete pads were broken and weeds were overruling the unstable paving. This property was also created on an old roman fortress which meant digging past a certain depth would have required permission, luckily that didn’t fall within our regulations. We started by covering the previously completed driveway with ply boards and work was underway. As we excavated the entire garden we found many interesting things along the way that had been buried and lost over the years, including large concrete bases, sharp sand around 1ft deep, old spoons, old broken ink pots and old bottles.

Once we were complete the garden was transformed.

  • Black ash granite paving
  • silver granite paving,
  • graphite granite edgings,
  • diamond design thresholds
  • bespoke chess circles laid on a 45degree angle
  • natural sandstone walling in Modak rose with recessed arches,
  • curved flower bed wall with curving rounded top privacy picket fence,
  • church window shaped flower bed filled with marble stones,
  • rockery corner with standing pier water feature,
  • raised rustic patio area and a pergola with wrap around privacy screens

This bespoke project has something unique everywhere you look !

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