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Tegula Trio Block Paved Driveway

Block paved driveway with planters installed

Previously this front garden was overgrown and a lot of work to keep on top of. Like everything, it had began to deteriorate with time and even the weed membranes were failing, it was difficult for the client to walk to the car due to the uneven levels and narrow path which only fitted one person at a time. This was all changed when we revamped this front driveway into a levelled open space, minimizing maintenance and improving access as well as improving the visual appearance to the property.

For this project it was down to another Green and Ground design. This client had seen the work we had completed for a neighbor and was happy to let us create something unique with the area at the front of their property using the agreed budget. From the start of the project the rose was going to be a center piece due to it being a memorial plant. I walked the client through the design I had in mind and he was glad to go ahead.

  • Double charcoal border in tegula trio size
  • Brindle tegula trio sized blocks
  • 3 Tier raised planters built with natural stone walling.
  • New larger curved front step
  • Front square border detail to create a threshold onto new block paving

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