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Bespoke Curved Garden Project

Full Garden Project With Many Features

This was another Green and Ground unique design drawn up on paper before discussing and tweaking with the clients. The gardens shape was impractical and the rear of the garden was wasted as the triangle shape at the end reduced usable space, the options given were to either hide the natural curve of the garden or incorporate it into the project, they decided they would like an idea to incorporate it into the design. After discussing the design goals we returned with a rough drawn design which was agreed.

This is a unique project with a bespoke built triangle shed, building this bespoke shed maximized space in that corner and enabled us to create a small private relaxing area in that corner along with all the electrics and lights required. From the start of this project the main goal was to create a family friendly area and not only incorporate the curve but make it a feature, let us know what you think………

  • 600×900 castle grey
  • Sawn and shot blasted natural stone
  • Upright raised sleeper bed
  • Bespoke Triangle shed
  • Pergola with privacy screens
  • New Lawn
  • Electrics installed
  • Bespoke design

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