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Block Paving Patio With Sandstone Circle, Fencing, Custom Gate and Electrics

Natural Block Paving With Charcoal Border, Castle Grey Sandstone Circle, Bespoke Narrow Gate, Double External Sockets, New Fencing

Samples were shown to the clients before installation and every detail was discussed including, colours, patterns, layout etc.

This job had a lot of detail and cuts in small tight access areas, we started by installing new 6ft fencing around 2 sides of the property which also included a custom made narrow gate in another area. Once this was complete we installed the block paving path around the perimeter of the property which included finding a previously unknown rodding eye, we suggested using a recessed inspection chamber cover for future access, this was to avoid using the typical oval shaped cover and to avoid any curves on an otherwise straight path, as you can see the finished product is very tidy.

  • Natural block paving
  • Charcoal border
  • Sandstone circle
  • Bespoke narrow gate
  • Recessed cover
  • Electrics installed
  • New fencing

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