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(Halstead Job 3) Autumn Blend Driveway With Rustic Retaining Wall

Autumn Blend Driveway With Drainage Channels And Rustic Characterful Wall

This job was one of 3 on the Halstead project, all the work was completed at the same time but in stages. To start the existing area was already above our desired finished height so two full grab lorries were required to remove the unwanted waste, we then installed concrete foundations and built up the rustic retaining wall which had natural stone copings. Concrete kerbs were then installed along the front edge of the driveway to divide and retain the drive from the path. Drainage channels were also installed at this stage and connected to existing underground storm pipes. We then finished with block paving the drive using autumn blend block paving for the main area and charcoal block paving for the borders. This job also included a recessed cover.

The materials on this project were chosen by us for there rustic and warm characters.

  • Autumn block paving
  • Charcoal Border
  • Recessed cover
  • Rustic retaining wall
  • Drainage installed

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