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Black Ash Granite Patio With Sleeper Steps

600x900mm Black Ash Granite Slabs Installed With Graphite Edging Detail

This project was a battle from the start with weather and machinery break downs costing us time and effort, this project was also completed when the temperature was around 40degree Celsius. We fought through none the less to create the transformation you see below.

This client asked us to create this paving on a budget, We used the clients digger to dig this job out to save cost, with dumpers and the rest of the machinery supplied by us. The area originally was planned to just have the path in front of the property with the sleeper steps and the larger patio area. The client then asked to change the plan and add paths around the perimeter as seen, they then asked to add paving in the center of the remaining areas, graphite slabs were recommended to match the border setts. One side was originally going to be wild flower lawn with the slabs stepping into a center piece, while the other was going to be artificial grass. the plans were then changed again and the wild flower lawn was to be no more so this area was then based equally using MOT type 1. The Project since i have been back is outstanding with the wild flower lawn back in and new areas being created with rare and unique sculptures and ornaments. absolutely amazing !

  • Black ash granite slabs
  • Graphite granite slabs
  • Graphite granite edgings
  • Sleeper steps
  • Contemporary

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