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Latte Porcelain Patio With Mosaic Stone Planters

600×1200 Porcelain Patio In Latte Colour With Mosaic Stone Raised Planters

The clients to this project preferred a contemporary design and asked us to quote for the new patio they had planned, after discussing the design and advising them about the mosaic stone cladding, which we thought would work really well with the paving, they agreed and we began the project. We started by installing concrete foundations before building up the block work required for the raised beds, we then cut the porcelain tiles to suit the caps of the beds, white sparkle split face mosaic tiles were then secured to the exterior walls to create stone effect raised beds. 600×1200 Porcelain paving was then installed over the area. An inspection chamber was also included on this job which required to hide the exiting protruding drain pipes.

  • Latte porcelain
  • 1200×600
  • White sparkle mosaic stone planters
  • Recessed inspection chamber cover
  • White exterior grout

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