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Nature Pond

This job was to complete a nature pond in the area discussed.

We had worked for these clients multiple times including, the bike shed area and a castle grey sandstone patio, both of these jobs are within the projects page of this website so take a look !

Once this area had been cleared we excavated the pond to around 2-3feet deep, this included leaving natural shelves for the plants and also a slope into the pond for all creatures great and small. We had previously lifted and kept old red bricks from a path on this property from an earlier job, these were reused here around the perimeter to create edgings for the pond. The grassed area in front of the pond was dug out and lined with a waterproof membrane with holes pierced through periodically, we then laid soil and turf over the top of this to create a bog area. This grass will never be cut and will eventually grow into prime wild habitat.

  • Nature pond
  • Clay Bricks
  • Pond Plants and grasses
  • Under water Shelves
  • Pebbles
  • Castle grey sandstone
  • Sleeper work
  • Wildlife

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