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Sawn And Honed Sandstone In Mint Colour

600x900mm Sawn And Honed Sandstone Patio With Brickslot Drainage Channels

This project involved transforming an old damp patio into a usable area, the clients had “made do” with the area since they had moved in a few years before hand and finally decided to tackle the garden. They had already completed the retaining oak sleeper wall and steps and required a new patio along with drainage.

We started by digging the patio area down to depth by hand, once this was complete we dug the trench required for the drainage channels. Brick slot drainage channels were then installed along the entire sleeper wall and connected to the exiting storm drains. The patio area was then under installation when we hit a problem. The slabs that the client had supplied were broken and chipped in places and of really bad quality, so we informed them and come up with the solution that we would pick all the usable slabs out and use them and return once she had reordered the required amount. We then returned at a later date to finish the patio.

  • 600×900 sandstone slabs
  • Sawn and honed sandstone
  • Brick slot drainage channels
  • Mint colour
  • Resin joint it
  • Scottish pebbles

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